IT Services – Mobile Apps

Mobile Apps:

SeerMinds Technologies develops “off-the-shelf” mobile applications. Our quick and inexpensive solutions enable clients to receive an engaging mobile app to use in virtually any industry. SeerMinds Technologies is an experienced mobile app developer, design and program custom apps in iPhone, iPad, Android, BlackBerry and Windows mobile platforms. We help businesses establish mobile access to their workspace as well as design and create mobile apps that sell in the respective app stores. We develop end-to-end mobile solutions.

Overview Of Mobile Apps:

More people access the web via mobile devices than from personal computers. As the number of devices expands dramatically, users are becoming accustomed to having both web and computing access via small, mobile devices and phones. This has resulted in a significant increase in demand for developers with experience using multiple platforms such as iOS, Android, and Windows Phone.

Our platforms are:

  •    Games Apps Development
  •    Social Apps Development
  •    Library Apps Development
  •    Business Apps Development
  •    News Apps Development
  •    Event Apps Development

Our mobile apps development services are:

Mobile Websites:

While the majority of smartphone users own iPhone or Android devices, ensure 100% of potential users have access to your app with a mobile website. Our mobile web apps were optimized for all kinds of smart phones and work on any mobile device with an internet connection.

Android App Development:

Our Android apps are compatible with virtually every Android smartphone that can be published in the Google Play marketplace. Our development team continuously optimizes the Android interface for each platform update, including the newest Android.

iPad App Development:

Many iPad apps are simply stretched versions of an iPhone app. Our HD-optimized iPad apps are built specifically for the iPad interface and take advantage of the extra screen space afforded to high resolution iPad devices.

iPhone App Development:

SeerMinds Technologies began with the development of iPhone apps in 2012 and continues to offer mobile solutions on a user-friendly iPhone interface supporting a dynamic range of content.

Beware of fake Job Offers

We have received complaints from candidates who are offered employment through Seerminds Technologies that require Payment of cash or cash deposit into specific bank accounts. These are fake job offers. At SeerMinds, integrity is of utmost importance and we do not entertain payments of any kind from candidates for employment.
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